be [ca] da





After a long day of travelling, we have arrived in Sandefjord and starting to learn our way around in our new home town… Yesterdays journey did not start well. Our taxi company lost our bookings (after we had reconfirmed the […]


Almost home…

It’s been on my mind for quite some time… I mean, Scotland is good, but it keeps on reminding me of home… Home, in my case, being Norway. Also turned out to be where my gang wanted to be too… […]


Back again…

Football is back again… It is hard to explain how good that feels. It is my way of de-stressing, lowering my shoulders, exhaling… By organising and making football happen for our 6 age groups in our little club, I feel […]


Sunset walk

Evenings are getting longer, walks are getting later… Lulu doesn’t mind, it seems! As long as she gets her walk, preferably off lead…


Learning every day…

Several times every day I (and you) have opportunities of learning… today my 13 year old told me that there is a little arrow next to the petrol gauge on the dashboard. The arrow tells the driver what side of […]


I’m a Hoptimist!

Hoptimists are all about smiles – and a mild surplus of energy. The cheerful, sweet Hoptimists were originally designed in 1968 (just like me). These two #Hoptimists are keeping me company in my office. Now this is not the end. […]



These photos were all taken during the lockdown time of Covid-19. This period have brought much uncertainty, but it has also given me the opportunity to spend more time with my family. I hope that the time spent together will […]